Our pork is delivered three times a week so you know it's fresh. We trim and cut it ourselves to make sure you get the best cuts. Regular pork chops, double-cut pork chops, whole loins, loin steaks, ribs, thick cut bacon and more - we've got you covered. And, be sure and try our sausage....made right in the store.

No one is more serious about quality beef than we are. That's why we only carry certified Hereford beef. WIthin the range of most of our budgets, there just isn't better beef. Don't be fooled by other "certified" beef.  Our beef consistently grades out at upper third choice. That means you're getting great beef at the best price available. Check out our certified Hereford beef: rib eyes, T-bones, sirloins, NY strips, eye of round, chuck, brisket, and more.

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We try our best to make sure wehave what you want. In addition to beef, pork, and chicken, we also carry seafood, turkey, ham, and a variey of smoked and cured meats. Thinking about seafood? Come see us for genuine Guidry's Louisiana catfish, frog legs, shrimp, crawfish tails, and tilapia. Need a cured ham? No problem. We carry both bone-in and boneless in whole and half hams. Cooking greens or vegetables? We've got the flavoring meat you need - neckbones, jowl, pig's feet, and ham hocks. We also carry boudin and alligator.

For our chicken, we carry young, whole fryers. These birds average a little over 2 pounds each.  We sell them whole or we'll be happy to cut them up for you. Because they're young, you get the most tender, best tasting chicken you can find.


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