Our produce section includes tomatoes, lettuce,  both Irish and sweet potatoes, purple and yellow onions, baby carrots, bell peppers, lemons, limes, green and red apples, garlic, and seasonal selections of fresh, homegrown vegetables. 

We try to carry a full line of groceries. Because we are a small store, we do have to make some choices about what we can stock. Our goal is always to make sure we have what you need. We also try to carry the best brands.


Groceries & More


Pet Food

We haven't forgotten Rover or Fluffy! We have a good selection of dog and cat food.

Paper Goods

Paper plates, plastic cups, utensils, and more! We've got everything you need for casual dining without having to wash dishes. Don't forget the aluminum foil, wax paper, and Ziploc's.

Automotive & Hardware

Have a cold, forget the deodorant, or have an ache? We've got you covered. We have a good supply of health and beauty aids to make sure you look and feel better.

Health & Beauty Aids

We carry motor oils, lubricants, washer refills, and miscellaneous hardware items. We are also proud to be an authorized Chevron gasoline vendor.


 Our dairy products include whole milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, eggs, cheeses, and more.