We are fishermen and love our fishing. Stop in Monday - Saturday and pickup the supplies you need for a great trip. Our selection of crappie jigs, jig heads, and soft plastics is second to none. We carry a great selections of baits, lures, rods, reels, line, hooks, jigs, weights, and lots more. If you're after bass or crappie, come see us. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we're able to match or beat the box stores on many of our products.




Need line, weights, hooks, attractants, or dyes? We've got what you need. We carry Gamakatsu and Owner hooks, Stren mono line, J-Braid braided line, Seagar fluorocarbon line, several economy lines, tungsten and lead weights, spray attractants, dyes, and more.


We specialize in Daiwa reels - from small ultralights through the top of the line bait casting reels. Our rod selections include Diana rods and a huge selection of crappie rods.


Soft Plastics

We are proud to stock a huge selection of Zoom, Reaction Attraction, Missile, RiteBite, NetBait, and Yamamoto soft plastics. 

Terminal Tackle

Crankbaits, topwaters, jerk baits, spinnerbaits....we've got you covered. We carry tons of  Strike King, Heddon, Clunn, Norman, Smithwick, and Bandit lures. For the crappie folks, we have Crappie Getter Kip Tail and Big Daddy jigs, jig heads, and lots of Bobby Garland soft plastics. 

Rods and Reels


Looking for the best selection of crappie jigs, jig heads, plastics, attractants, and more? We've got you covered. We have an incredible selection of crappie supplies - jigs, floats, hooks, nibbles, and lots more. We also have both top-end and budget crappie rods and reels.

Crappie Supplies

Bass Supplies

We're your bass fishing headquarters. Come check out our selection of lures, soft plastics, hooks, weights, rods, and reels.